Achieving the seemingly impossible, through openess, support, understanding and teamwork. 


To eliminate the perceived stigma of mental illness.

  • To raise awareness of the positive impact of making time to listen to someone and working together can have on those living with mental health illnesses, their family and friends.

  • To build a national but centralised contact, support and advice information hub. This will be in the form of an easily accessed online service for people with mental health illnesses. It will also extend to support and advice for friends, family and work colleagues.

  • To provide financial support to regional mental health organisations.

  • To provide workplace mental health best practice advice through seminars and contact with affiliated support groups.

  • To foster and grow a community that can provide self-help advice and contact with affiliated local support groups and individuals.

  • To assist anyone with mental health needs (including family, friends and work colleagues) to have rapid and effective advice and support in perceived crisis situations. 


Can't do it alone


To arrange a concert where I will perform at a major London venue in Summer 2021, and raising over £1million for related mental health charities. To place a mental health related awareness advert in all Premiership football programmes by 2021. Now I can't achieve this on my own, drawing parallels that we don't have the ability to deal with mental health on our own.


I will be documenting my journey from now until the concert, through video blogs, including interviews of both mental health sufferers and those who have loved ones and friends who have this illness. Exploring the effect this illness has on everyone and learning ways and techniques to help each other. Documenting the ups and downs, the challenges, the victories and inspiring individuals I will meet on this journey, who will help me achieve this goal. Demonstrating the power of teamwork and reaching out for help, again drawing parallels dealing with mental health problems.


On Sunday the 9th July 2017, I came very close to ending it all. Were it not for a close friend, I would 
not be here today. It became abundantly clear how important it was to have a network of friends around me, who knew of my illness and that this person knew what to do and how to handle this situation.



As with any illness some people are unaware of how to help or what they can do. I'm hoping that being open and honest about my illness and setting out on this epic journey and challenge (whilst providing a platform for people to discuss the challenges they face) will inspire, raise awareness and help those who not only suffer with mental illness, but those who have loved ones, family members, friends and colleagues who are affected.


If you feel you can help please get in touch. I'm not looking for freebies (of course I'm not going to turn the offer down) I will raise funds needed to achieve this goal. So, I'm looking for help with every aspect of this, from musicians and bands, PR, documentary producers, cameramen, event organisers, charities, admin, official hand holders and any help big or small will be welcomed gladly.

© 2017 by MIchael Dykes